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This article is going to be published in the November issue of Fishing News International.

Published 12/10/2005

A new trawl design that Icelandic net loft VT Fishing Supplies has developed for customers in the USA builds on ideas that designer Hörður Jónsson took from work done by Kurt Hansen and his team at the SINTEF flume tank in Hirtshals in developing the new generation cod trawl.


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VT – Fishing supplies was established on january 1 2002, when it was mergered with Net maker Thorbjarnar Fiskanes h.f and SH-fishing gear in Grindavík. Thorbjorn h.f. and Fiskanes h.f have operated a net maker for decades along with fishery but SH-fishing gear was established in 1997. Net maker Thorbjarnar Fiskanes h.f have attended maintenance and setup on fishing gears for the company, that does also have 3 factory trawler, 2 fresh fish trawler, 1 purse seine ship, 4 long line ship and a gill net boat. SH-fishing gear specializes in setup and maintenance in Danish seine and several other netting. The staff experience in making fishing gear and seafaring is tremendous.

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